We Are Royal is a member-driven Harry Potter roleplay that strives to create an environment rich in character development and community without a restricting plot or binding expectations. While War identifies as a Harry Potter roleplay it is so much more than that, offering a unique experience in the Wizarding World we've all come to know and love. Though canon is acknowledged up to the Battle at Hogwarts not a single canon from the books are currently present, we've simply removed all traces of them in order to provide room for original characters and original canon. You are the main character of your story.
OCT, 2016

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Please begin your journey at War by registering a Warrior Account (Commonly referred to as an OOC/out of character account on most games.) in order to help the staff know who plays who, easily contact you via this account rather than guess which character account you're on, and make it easier for you to bounce between different accounts! Please pick an alias that can pass as a single name rather than a phrase, description, or numbers! Additionally, please do not register as HarryPotterFan123 or anything akin to that.

This account will primarily be used to post in our OOC boards and sign up for contests! Simply register an account with your desired forum alias, post HERE or in the cbox to the left, to let the staff know so the account can be approved, and then simply continue on with creating your character account(s)! Don't forget to link all your character accounts to your Warrior Account to allow you to easily switch between them!

Accounts should be registered with proper capitalization: i.e. Harry Potter.


War was originally created by a handful of homeless roleplayers in 2014 following the closing of a site they'd all frequented for upwards of ten years! We ask that everyone understand this site flourishes out of what you make it and will open it's arms to anyone who just wants to write in the world of Harry Potter. However, we do still have rules in place for a reason and we ask kindly that you follow them and War will be a better place.

That said, don't simply sit by and wait for players to come to you! Reach out first and jump on open plots or threads! You never know what fun you might have or who you might meet and it's sure a lot more fun than moping in the cbox! We are all playing the same game, after all, and we'd be more than glad to plot with you! War tries to put an emphasis on contact: communication between staff and members is extremely important to us!

As we are a slightly more mature roleplay, we do ask that our members be sixteen or older!

Additionally, War identifies as a more 'advanced' writing environment; those newer to roleplaying may find it difficult to integrate. This is not to say we have a post count or anything of that nature (more found under 'Posting').


You should register all character accounts with your character's name. ( First and last, with proper capitalization! i.e: Harry Potter.) We ask that you not request to change your character's name unless you've misspelled something during registration, they are wed in-game, or any other in-game scenario occurs in which this is required. Please go into your profile and send a request for a name change in this event.

We offer a three strike rule for applications! We will always PM Warrior accounts with what needs to be edited or changed to fit into our canon and are willing to work with you as needed! We hate denying characters, but sometimes they just don't fit and if it takes three times to modify what is discussed then the application will be denied.


Presently, we allow you to create as many characters as you'd like! However, you can only make one at a time! You have to have all currently played character accounts approved first. (If you've opted to place a character in our Inactive member group they naturally do not count towards this.)

We encourage diversity! Try not to corner yourself into one house, one age, or one type of personality. (Unless, of course, you only play one character.) Be mindful of our ratios when creating a new character, but don't feel obligated to fill gaps if you are not comfortable!

All characters are more than welcome to be betrothed, get married, have children, kill or be killed. However, we request that you make sure everyone involved is on the same page, you are not forcing anyone into the plot, and that you ideally inform the staff of it so that we may help you moderate as needed! (You aren't informing us to ask for permission necessarily.)

War's site goal is to create an active, friendly community with realistic characters, but that doesn't mean you can't go crazy! Characters are welcome to have problems-- family, personal, or otherwise --, unpleasant histories, disorders, flaws, strengths, and weaknesses. Make them human, but remember to keep it realistic. Mind, we will not accept certain species with 'naturally' unnatural hair or eye colors (some species/abilities will exempt you from this rule) and will discuss other abnormalities as presented.


We do not hold activity checks here - just be sure to be active when you can, let us know if you're going to be absent for an extended period of time, and make a point to engage and interact when you're available!

However, we do have some time restrictions for certain things: from the time that you join with your Warrior Account you have one week to register a character account and an additional week to complete that character's application or the account(s) risks deletion. Once approved, your accounts are safe until you go three months without posting IC; in this event your account(s) will be moved into the Inactive member group, your face claim(s) freed, and character's job(s) reopened. Feel free to contact a staff member at any time to get your account restored! We are not responsible for lost playbys!

Posting an Absent Notice will save you from these time restrictions so long as your stated 'return date' covers accordingly.

No account risks complete deletion unless it has not been logged into for sixth months.


Before being approved you may only post your application (naturally), reserve your playby, and reply to wanted ads if you're claiming the character - please refrain from posting with unsorted accounts otherwise! However, please feel free to engage with us in the cbox! We'd love to meet you!

We encourage quality over quantity and will never punish for post length - there is no word count to abide by here! Simply try to keep the thread moving! Give and take in terms of action, make something happen, give your partner something to respond to!

Posts should be written in third person, present or past tense, with appropriate grammar and punctuation! You may color or bold dialogue, but please refrain from coloring the entire post unless posting as an NPC.

Additionally, do not harass players for posts! Our members have lives and other games they are apart of and we don't expect them to be here every day nor to have time to post every time they're here! Mind, if they don't post within four days and have been online in those four days then you are welcome to send them a polite poke asking if they're still available.

Our game runs on a fluid timeline! You may have multiple threads in various areas of the board so long as they are all set in the current month they began in. If it's November in real life, it's November in the game; if it's 2013 in real life, it's 2013 in the game. Naturally, we do not mind if threads continue over the course of various months so long as they are being consistently posted in. All threads that go without news posts for two months will be locked.

We do not allow skipping forward in time, but we do allow flashing back. All flashback threads must occur in the TIME TURNER board and be dated accordingly.

We allow outside templates conditionally: they are not to be used in IC boards (aside from our template provided for the Owl Post) and shouldn't have a lot of hover/slide coding. These will be used primarily in the Shipping board or your own individual Pensieve. You can, of course, code your own templates for these areas.


Graphics should not stretch the forum. Avatars are 210x400 and will need to be input in a special field rather than your typical 'avatar' field! There is a place for two gifs, both of which will appear in your mini-profile and profile and should be square in sizing. If you need help, don't hesitate to ask!

If someone has made graphics for you kindly credit them!

Lastly, playbys must be age appropriate. You cannot use an adult to portray an eleven year old. We generally follow the +3/-3 rule here when it comes to playbys that sometimes look older than they are; this is a trial basis, however, as some older playbys may look younger! If the staff feels that your playby isn't a proper representation they may ask that you change it! Mind, all playbys must also be 'live action' -- no cartoons, anime, or other video game representations (aside from Sims specifically created to represent your character), please. You may, of course, draw your playby if you'd prefer. We accept actor/actresses, musicians, and fashion models; public media 'models' are discouraged, as well as DeviantArt models without permission.

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